Odd Person Out

This year marks some pretty significant changes for me: new job, return to public school, having my own room (and lab!), lots of technology in every room, and more. I may have been teaching for about a decade, but I’m feeling like a new teacher in a lot of ways. 

I’m also (ever!) grateful to the MTBoS for allowing a science person (with no math teaching) to join and rejuvenate. I’ve always felt welcome and encouraged by the organization as a whole, as well as by individuals. And along those lines, I’m eager to join this project as a science-non-math person. 

While I’m fine with variations for solving questions, this year, I’ll be consciously trying to get away from asking single-answer questions, and veer towards more open-ended ideas. This is scary for me (and, I’m told, this particular year of students), who finds comfort in finality. 

I’m not a very good conversationalist, so I enjoy reading about how wording matters and how to ask questions. Words do matter, as does intonation and inflection. I think, however, there are a lot of similarities between how teachers ask questions in any classroom, but especially between math and science. There’s definitely ways of asking complex questions (a la Bloom), but I wonder if there’s a base structure for making questions, as well as a subject-specific structure, or maybe a lab structure versus a classroom structure. 


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